Off Purpose

by Testube

Off Purpose 07:20
we took this sound turned it upside down but we did it off purpose we spooked the charts with deceptive arts it left us obscure but we did it off purpose we did it - it was by accident we did it - a happy accident we took this sound turned it upside down it made us obscure but we did it off purpose
Trickledown 04:51
you're at the forefront while falling back a sense of present is what you lack no firm advantage, no strangehold you're buying time that's already been sold pursuing modern is a disease and all those joneses are more like fleas they keep you itching for something more it's so refreshing to be poor... trickledown - it's already been through town it's got the frightened and divided a bit let down it's an edit of an edit of a censored draft an abbreviated mistranslated bogus test run it's an edit of an edit of an edit of an edit of an edit of a censored draft
Laptopmilk 04:22
Air 04:34
from the greatest minds to my ears, i get the messages loud and clear pseudoscientific, phantasmagoric apocalyptic, euphoric i'm a voodoo doll i'm a voodoo doll prostrate me then elevate me lead me through a dreadful slime then decontaminate me so that i may see what it is i need i once was lost but now i'm in the foundry... all these ways for me to show my face to stake my claim to carve out some virtual space and never be erased i've got a datafeed to meet my every need assembled into an identity information is free a much cheaper version of integrity hey! take a really deep look in those eyes do they deliver what they advertise? all you people reaching out to me does it give you some sense of community? i'd rather be lost sometimes i'd rather be lost i think i'd rather be, but now i'm found so now i play pretend and when i reach the end i'll press rewind and play it all again commit me to the screen fashion emergency a new reality celebrity collective consciousness sanitize this mess am i lost or found?
will i fail? will you grasp the levity of the situation or will you laugh? will you accept the bits of wisdom i have painfully amassed or are you growing up too fast? do you dream? will you smile? will you run before you walk or stay awhile? how can i inspire you when i believe in nothing? denied of hype, will you grow out of touch? do as i say, not as i've done don't push through the years tomorrow will come... and i wouldn't wish on you the things that we've been through
Apathy 04:48
Post Rhythm 01:02


Picking up where the 2008 Covert EP left off, 'Off Purpose' further explores the eclectic fringes of electronic genre mutation that Testube is so well known for. By fusing glitchy chaotic percussion, dramatic textural displays, anti-pop melody and the occasional old school industrial groove, 'Off Purpose' promises to deliver a little bit of something for everyone, and a lot for the discerning few. Jonathan Chalker, of the dark electro-pop act LowHero.DLL, also contributes vocals and lyrics to the track "Lost and Found".

'Off Purpose' is being sold as a limited boutique CDr with special hand-printed arigato jacket and trigger ejector case. Each jacket was hand-screened, and rusty metallic color variations were introduced to the screen at random moments during the printing process. As a result of this technique, each copy will feature a slightly different "off purpose" appearance.


released May 17, 2010

Written and produced by Jeff Danos.
Guitar on track 04 by Amber Wenger.
Lyrics and vocals on track 05 by Jonathan Chalker (LowHero.DLL)
Recorded at Hollow View Studio - Eureka Springs, AR


all rights reserved



Testube Eureka Springs

Testube was formed by Jeff Danos in 1994. Approaching each new musical release as an experiment in sound, Jeff fuses atypical idm, industrial, glitch, and ambient textures into complex cohesive compositions...which is a fancy way of saying that he has a knack for making strange and experimental music somehow more palatable. ... more

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