Cost is Clear

by Testube



released February 23, 2017

Written and Produced by Testube
Copyright 2017 Jeff Danos / Testube (BMI)

Music, lyrics, and vocals by Jeff Danos
Additional vocals by Corbin Danos


all rights reserved



Testube Eureka Springs

Testube was formed by Jeff Danos in 1994. Approaching each new musical release as an experiment in sound, Jeff fuses atypical idm, industrial, glitch, and ambient textures into complex cohesive compositions...which is a fancy way of saying that he has a knack for making strange and experimental music somehow more palatable. ... more

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Track Name: Cost is Clear
Nothing to see now
The coast is clear
The fire's died down
to smoke and mirrors

How did I get here?
Where is my voice?
How did I choose this
By making no choice?

Even an ocean of indecision
Sways one way or another
Til its crashed, til its beached
And it gets pulled under

If I make waves, I'm rocking the boat
And if its half full, it ain't gonna float
Best to stand by, time to assess
Avoid a decision made under duress

And every time
I'm weighing a choice
The pros and the cons
The truth and the noise
And who will it hurt
And who will be sore
And will it be quick
Or is it a chore
And if I'm unsure
How can I ignore
The cost isn't clear
There's a little bit...more