by Testube

Atavistic 05:35
Gater 04:27
there is no more headroom, no more hills to climb you're shouting from the highest pinnacle but filtered by design a loudness war unparalleled of those for sale and those who spin the quiet authenticity is lost beneath the din you can't fight the gater the threshholds loud as hell the nuance and the subtlety are lost when forced to yell a million voices overlaid the sines are growing square you occupy the valleys and no one hears you there
Snowbound 06:45
the hours melt slowly with the icicles outside like prison bars, they drip their guard this igloo's fortified no sand or salt or vintage malt to melt the cold away regardless of ambitions we're still snowbound for the day a week of cabin fever born in artificial light i haven't shaved or showered and can't tell day from night windows wet with condensation the cold wants to get inside inspires us to plan vacation despite the captive white dusting off neglected plans boardgames and the phone we laugh and we commiserate imaginations roam our savior is a shovel frozen fingers losing touch the ice can sometimes cripple let's not used it as a crutch
Tagged 01:51
left my little hole in the wall and though i'm looking small i'm gonna make a big impression on you so you don't see me now i don't care anyhow i ain't sneaking... you're just too highbrow but one day when you're slack and ripe for the attack you'll look behind your back i'm walking past your trap you didn't plan on that i've got the skill, the speed, the brain, the talent, and the bass track i hear you coming... i hear you coming, cat you can't sneak up on me you can't sneak up like that your cowbells ringing, i won't take up the slack your cowbells ringing, intentions bleeding black


Glim Records Catalog No: GLIM-01201-1504-ATA


released April 5, 2015

Written and Produced by Jeff Danos / Testube (BMI)
Vocals on "Bleeds More Cowbell" by Clover Danos


all rights reserved



Testube Eureka Springs

Testube was formed by Jeff Danos in 1994. Approaching each new musical release as an experiment in sound, Jeff fuses atypical idm, industrial, glitch, and ambient textures into complex cohesive compositions...which is a fancy way of saying that he has a knack for making strange and experimental music somehow more palatable. ... more

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